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מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים

Passover Day Camp for Community Children

The Passover holiday is the longest of all school vacations except, of course, the long summer break. While school children are happy to go on a vacation, their parents are often less excited because summer day camps tend to be very costly.

Ranging from hundreds to even thousands of shekels, Passover day camps are a financial burden, especially for community members who struggle to make ends meet.

Michael Rothschild, a high school student from Jerusalem, saw that there is a high demand for a camp for the children of the community during the last Passover break, and decided to do something about it.

"I conducted several meetings with members of the community as well as with Israelis who work and volunteer with African asylum seekers. One of the most urgent needs that came up in every conversation is the issue of school holidays."

He then decided to initiate a volunteer based day camp for 20 children from the community.

"It was a team effort. Many people contributed to the successful execution of this project: the Nisui high school that hosted us, Michal Levi and Naama Adler from the municipal Refugee Hotline, Aliza Shabo-Hayut, Sernai Dori, Udi Cohen from the Jerusalem municipality, and Ornit Yehoshua and Josie Mendelson from JACC.

Michael concludes by saying that his experience was a very positive one.

" I really recommend to work with these children. This was a very meaningful experience for me, and a very rewarding one as well. On the last day of the summer day camp, the children were so sad to leave and some of them even cried although they met with our staff for the first time just six days before."

Thank you Michael, for your important initiative!

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