JACC assists with the everyday social and communal needs for African refugees, asylum-seekers, and persons with no civil status in Jerusalem.

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Language Lessons

The Jerusalem African Community Center is a home to language lessons which serve dozens in our community.


We hold daily English and Hebrew lessons for adults of different ages and levels.


We serve more than 40 students each semester in different groups, according to their language skills.


Our lessons bring the students to great achievements and produce an empowering effect for the entire community.


Psychological and Humanitarian Aid 


The Jerusalem African Community Center runs a support program which is operated primarily by social work interns.


The program provides emotional, psychological and social support for families and individuals within our community. We also provide humanitarian aid in situations where medical and financial aid is needed.


Programs for Children and Youth


The Jerusalem African Community Center operates a tutoring program for elementary school children, in which dozens of children meet regularly with volunteers while receiving emotional and academic assistance.



In January 2015 JACC launched a tutoring program for elementary school children. The program provides both emotional and academic support for the children of our community.


Rights Awareness 

Health, Status, Rights and RSD support


The Jerusalem African Community Center assists our community members in fulfilling their legal, medical and occupational rights.


We work with a community of asylum seekers who lack legal status and often have little knowledge of Hebrew. Thus, it is crucial for us to offer our support and provide accessible information. We organize educational sessions on parenting, education, asylum applications and other topics. We try, by doing so, to minimize language and knowledge gaps and limit the damages afflicted on their account. 


Social and Cultural Events


The Jerusalem African Commnunity Center organizes parties, cultural events, holiday celebrations and activities for children.

Through joint events, we aspire to tighten intercultural relations and promote dialogue between Africans and Israelis.

Jerusalem African Community Center (R.A.)

33 Jaffa st. Jerusalem 9422109

Fax: 972-2-5434932


מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים (ע"ר)

יפו 33 ירושלים 9422109



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