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מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים

JACC's Summer Camp, 2018

In July, JACC ran a summer program for the 3rd to 6th graders of the JACC community.

Our activities were diverse and experiential! The children had different activities every day. among them: a tour and workshop at Israel Museum every Sunday, swimming at thr YMCA every Monday morning, group activities with the counselors, a self-defense martial arts class every Wednesday at Beit El HaLev, sport activities at Ein Karmit boarding school every Thursday, eating out every Wednesday at falafel, pizza and other Jerusalem restaurants, a movie at Cinema City, and the "escape room" in Talpiyot.

In addition to these activities, we went on different interesting excursions ever Tuesday, including strips to stalactite caves and picnics in the woods, the zoo and horseback riding at Grandpa Jack’s farm, bowling and arcade games, a trip to Beit Shean- visiting the barn at kibbutz Reshafim and swimming at Ein Muda stream, and a special visit to the snow park at Tel Aviv harbor.

The children experienced an unforgettable summer. They came in every morning joyful and excited to a new day of activities.

Of course we have to thank our amazing counselors, because without them, none of this would have been possible. They were there for the kids, and every activity they experienced together led to strong bonds.

Camp enabled the children to experience numerous experiences like other kids their age and to create memorable happy moments to treasure for life! Especially at this time of year when many children prefer to stay home, communicating via WhatsApp and Instagram with their friends, being active is so important and significant.

We have no doubt that the friendships among the kids are for life! "N," who's starting seventh grade this year said: "This is the most fun summer camp that I had! Every day you go to a different place and take part in so many activities!"

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