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מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים

JACC’s Learning Center

On February 6th, JACC opened it's brand new Learning Center!

The goal of the Learning Center is to provide the children of our community with an embracing, secure and protected environment that will support the necessary learning processes for their age group.

Staff will work to bridge educational gaps the children may have and assess learning and emotional difficulties.

The Learning Center, which is open three times a week and serves 15 students from third to sixth grade, provides:

  • Reinforcement of core subjects – English, Mathematics and Hebrew.

  • Learning skills and strategies.

  • Assistance with homework.

  • Social activities.

  • A hot lunch.

  • Learning materials and enrichment activities.

  • Activities that parents can use to support their children's education.

  • Ongoing contact with the school when necessary.

The Center is staffed at all times by Gitit, the learning coordinator, two special education teachers, and volunteers who receive training and guidance.

To motivate the children, Gitit has set up a star-collecting challenge: a big poster has been created, and children collect star-stickers when they complete an assignment or help clean up the play area. A prize is awarded to whoever has collected the most stars at the end of the week. Gitit shares her experience of working with the children: ‘It’s a true pleasure to be around them, they are really well behaved! Of course, it’s never fun to do one’s homework, but they take it very seriously, they know how much school is important.’

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