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מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים

IELTS Courses: A Step Towards A Bright Future

English is a very useful language to know in our day and age. It is a very commonly used language, and a basic understanding of the language is needed for a variety of jobs and tasks, ranging from filling out immigration forms, to working in an english work environment. For many of these, a basic understanding of english is sufficient. Thus, many asylum seekers take basic english courses in order to improve their english. These courses exist at the JACC, and are taught to asylum seekers with a wide variety of english proficiency. These could be anything from learning the alphabet to reading and writing. Still, what about those things that require a more extensive knowledge of english? A basic understanding just isn’t enough for many employers, immigration authorities, and universities. This is where the IELTS comes in.

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS for short, is an internationally recognized standardized test for English language proficiency. The test is recognized by over 8000 institutions worldwide, such as universities, businesses, immigration authorities, and other professional bodies. It is famous for being an accurate indicator of real-life english speaking skills. The test is administered face-to-face, with a verbal component, in order to be as accurate as possible in determining one’s real life english skills. It is not only recommended, but a requirement for application to multiple employers and universities. So, for an asylum seeker who would like to apply to university, passing this test is oftentimes a must.

The IELTS exam is a very specifically formatted test, and is very difficult to take without any preparation. So an asylum seeker looking to pass and apply to university must find a place to take the IELTS course, which is oftentimes not easily accessed. Thus, the JACC has recently opened an IELTS course for those who wish to improve their English skills and pass the test. These classes are taught at the JACC once a week for three students, and a second time one-on-one for a student who needs a bit more help in certain areas. The students who take the course are already fluent in the English language, and only need help in improving their higher level english. The classes focus on all aspects of the English language, grammar and vocabulary, reading and writing, speaking and listening. It doesn’t only teach language, but the format of the test itself, vital information for those who wish to take it. The students are studying hard to prepare themselves for the test in May and June, and are determined to pass. The class is extremely important, as all three students want to apply to college, and the test is required for many universities in Israel and abroad. One student would even like to apply this coming semester to the IDC in Herzliya, Israel, the others planning to apply here and abroad at a later time. The opportunity to go to university is a life-changing experience, and this course is the first step on that path. The JACC is glad to provide asylum seekers with the tools they need in order to pursue a better life for themselves, and hopes that the incredible class will grow in the future.

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