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מרכז לקהילה האפריקאית בירושלים

Summer Lecture Series In Full Swing

We at the JACC decided, in advance of the summer, to hold a series of six lectures on the topic of asylum seekers and refugees in Jerusalem. The lectures take place with the generous aid of CIMI (Center for International Migration and Integration) and with the help of Keren B’kavod of the Reform Movement, which hosts us and enables us to hold the lecture series at Beit Shmuel.

Maya Vardi, who is organizing the course, said that “The purpose of the course is to provide an in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics connected to the community of asylum seekers in Israel. Thus, the curriculum includes general background on refugees and migration, and on more specific topics, such as education, social welfare, and medicine. Our target audience consists of volunteers who work with asylum seekers on a daily basis, social activists who want to deepen their knowledge regarding asylum seekers in Israel, and anyone else who might be interested in the subject.”

In addition to providing knowledge for attendees, this lecture series also serves as a meeting-point for those active in the JACC community, strengthening the social bonds between them. In doing so, it provides another avenue for thinking about additional activities to strengthen the African community in Jerusalem and in Israel.

Lecture Series Schedule:

7/29/15: On Refugees and Immigration - Professor Galia Tzabar.

8/5/15: An Inside Look - How Asylum Seekers Adjust to Life in Israel - Mr. Solomon Masgahena, CEO of the ARDC, Mr. Jack Mawaya and Mr. Jamal Omar, communal leaders from Holot.

8/12/15: On the Social Welfare of Asylum Seekers - Women as a Test-case - Social Worker Tali Ehrental, director of the psycho-social department at A.S.S.A.F.

8/19/15: On Asylum Seekers and Health - Dr. Ehud Bitan, from the Social Justice Clinic

8/26/15: Dilemmas in the Education of Refugee Children - Michal Schendar, Youth Unit Coordinator, A.S.S.A.F., Udi Cohen, Manager of the “Chayim” kindergarten.

9/2/15: On Asylum Seekers Through the Lens of International and Israeli Law. Adv. Anat Ben Dor, from the Refugee Rights Clinic at Tel Aviv University.

The lectures take place at Beit Shmuel every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.

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